How to Videos

Organize Your Images with Adobe Bridge

Using Adobe Bridge To Edit

Bridge is basically a file directory or finder on steroids.

Bridge allows you to organize, make image corrections and open photos in Photoshop.

The image editing changes you make in Bridge are non-destructive which means you can go back to the photo and modify changes or even delete them and start over again.

It All Begins With the Photograph

Photo Tips

Do not photograph the patient in the dental chair.

To eliminate ambient light and camera shake use a faster shutter speed such as 1/125/ and up.

Show the patient the photos and let them pick the one the like the best.

Masking With Photoshop

Quick Mask

Using the Quick Mask Mode to create more accurate and editable masks.

Adding a drop shadow for more dimension and realism.

Whitening With Photoshop

Adjustment Layers

Using the Hue Saturation and Curves as non-destructive editable Adjustment layers to control the color and the tone of the teeth.

How to Get the Shade Correct in Photoshop

Getting the Teeth Shade Right

The smile simulation is done and the teeth look great, but the color or shade is not right. This might be the most difficult part of the simulation because the color and tone quality of the photo often is different than the teeth simulation. This video shows how to get shade of the teeth to match the smile portrait.