Client Photo Examples

Increase your case acceptance by taking better photos!

Common to all these photos:
1. The camera is at the patient’s eye level.
2. The background is simple.
3. Patient is relaxed.
4. The face is not distorted.
5. The teeth from front to back are evenly lit.
6. Patient looking directly at the camera.
Suggestions Aesthetic:
1. Have someone in the office, who likes taking pictures, photograph the patients.
2. Getting the patients to give you a full smile might be difficult because they are self-conscious of their teeth. – Get them to say "Cheese", this makes the mouth open more. Tell them to imagine that they have beautiful teeth and love to smile to show them.
3. Show them the photo before sending it to SmilePix. If they don’t like the photo take more. Your chances of getting treatment acceptance increases if they like the photo.
4. Keep the background simple. A blue photo background works great! Office and dental equipment in the background can be distracting and possibly subliminally detrimental.
Suggestions Technical:
1. Zoom the camerato the telephoto position before focusing on your subject. Once the framing is correct (frame your subject with the camera in the vertical position), physically move in or out until the subject’s head and chin are within the frame.
2. Using the camera in the wide angle or normal lens position will make the nose appear larger than it is and can make the light from the flash too bright. Use telephoto lens position!
3. The flash brightness on the subject’s head is controlled by how close you are to the subject:
a) If the photo is too bright, move a step away from the subject.
b) If too dark, move a step closer. In both cases, re-frame the subject before taking the next photo.
4. Always hold the shutter release button halfway down. If you try and take a photo without holding it halfway down, there is a delay between the time you press and when the photo is actually made. This often results in the photo being taken too late and the moment missed. Keeping the shutter partially depressed ensures that the camera has focused on the subject and it is ready to take the photo. No delay!
5. Take more than one photo of your patient. Give yourself and your patient a choice of which is the best photo to send to SmilePix.