How the SmilePix Process works
1. First, take a few digital photographs of your patient.
2. Ask your patient which photograph they like.
3. Download the photo into your computer
4. Go to www.smilepix.com and click on "Try A Free Case".
5. Fill out the instructions on the order form for the smile design.
6. Press Submit and then upload up to two photos.
7. Within two business days (or less) we will email the before and after PDF to you.

How do I judge what a good picture is? Your patient should like the picture. If you give them a picture they do not like, they are not going to look at it very long. This defeats the purpose of the whole process. We want the patient to study the two pictures and become enchanted by what they see in the "after" picture.

Photo Too Light: Common areas that get too white are the forehead, nose and cheek areas. If the highlights are too bright, you may be too close to your subject. Back up a little and zoom the lens in a little to re-frame your subject. Make another photo; the highlight intensity should be reduced. If it is still too bright back up some more and re-frame the subject.

Photo Too Dark: If everything looks dark and murky, you are too far away. Move in closer, re-frame your subject and take another photo. The photo should be lighter. If still too dark, repeat the last step and take another photo.

Refer to How to Take a Smile Portrait for illustrations on what to do (and not to do) in photographing your patients.

Why should we use SmilePix instead of digital imaging software? Save time and money! The cost can be from two to six thousand dollars for digital imaging software. Then you or one of your staff will have to be trained to use the software. This can take weeks or even months, depending on the level of artistic talent and computer skills of the person doing it.

Get the best results! Most dental digital imaging software is a template-based system where templates of teeth are dropped into the mouth. SmilePix artists create a custom smile design, individually working with each patient’s original teeth, according to the dentist’s instructions. Our artists are also doing hundreds (and even thousands) of smile simulations, so they just get good at it. The end result is a natural look that "feels" right to the patient.

If you would like to ask us a question, feel free to call 1-781-577-7700 or email us at [email protected].