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How to Take a Smile Portrait

SmilePix Client Photos
Examples of good photos by our clients and tips on how to create great smile portraits.

Making a Smile Portrait

Photo Tips

Do not photograph the patient in the dental chair.
To eliminate ambient light and camera shake use a faster shutter speed such as 1/125/ and up.
Show the patient the photos and let them pick the one the like the best.

We genuinely care about the quality of our work. However, we cannot achieve our best results alone! Getting the best results from digital dental imaging really is a cooperative effort between the photographer (whether dentist or staff member) and the digital artist.

That is why we coach our clients to help them create smile portraits that their patients will be pleased with. In addition to the “How To Information” here, we give our clients personal suggestions on improving their photos. We want to help them get the most from our service so they can achieve the greatest success in case acceptance, and keep their patients smiling!