How to Take a Smile Portrait

Turn on the flashflash and take the smile portrait with the camera in the vertical position (portrait as opposed to landscape). Zoom the lens to the telephoto position (If you take a photo with the lens in the normal or wide angle position, the nose will tend to look too large and distorted). Frame your subject so that the top of the head and bottom of the chin just fits in the frame. Have the patient "say cheese" (this shows the most teeth). Your subject should be pleased with the photo, so keep taking pictures until they are satisfied. See smile portrait examples.
The camera should be at the same height as the subject. Zoom the camera to the telephoto position.

Set the camera settings to Auto and have the Flash f turned on.

Move the camera in our out until the subjects head and chin fit inside the vertical frame.
The subject should say "cheese" to show as many teeth as possible.

Keep taking pictures until your subject is pleased.

Subject’s head tilted
Camera angle too high
Camera angle too low
Photo overexposed
Photo underexposed